We greatly value the support and skills of our volunteers. Without the generous assistance of our volunteers we would not be able to deliver many of our current programmes.

If you are seeking a volunteer role, or education placement please contact us, sending us relevant information. We actively seek volunteers to support with fundraising and events, as well as back office functions and supporting projects where there is a need for additional support to our professional artists and creative practitioners.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Artlink Central. We hope your experience of working with us is enjoyable and highly worthwhile. Please note some roles will require a PVG check and that we may not be able to offer opportunities subject to demand or interview. Other opportunities are much more informal and tend to be fundraising focussed. We will provide a Code of Practice to any volunteers.

Please speak to Sarah Pearson 01786 450971 or email her at sarah@artlinkcentral.org if you have any questions or would like to join our database of volunteers. 

Students on work experience

Students on work experience

Artlink Central’s Commitment to our volunteers:

* After interviewing, we will match and select roles for you that best suit your skills base and experience and/or direct you in a route that you have shown interest in. There may not be immediate opportunities for you but you will be part of our volunteer database and we would contact you when a suitable vacancy turned up.

* We will stay in regular contact with you, either face to face, phone or by email to fully explain your role and support you throughout the duration of any specific volunteering.

* We have an open door policy for artists and volunteers so if you have any concerns or questions about your position within Artlink Central, please get in touch. We will also contact you to speak if we want to give you feedback on your volunteering progress.

* Artlink Central will actively involve volunteers in any training that may be appropriate. We will try to connect you to opportunities that we feel tie in with your skills within and outwith Artlink Central.

* Some Artlink Central volunteers may give direct support to arts programmes, in this case you will be put forward for membership of the PVG vetting scheme. Other volunteers will be giving support at fundraising events, administration or non- contact activities with vulnerable groups, you do not need PVG membership for this work.

* Artlink Central applies if appropriate, on your behalf, for PVG membership in either working with young people or with vulnerable adults. This is free for volunteers. If you are already a member of the PVG scheme, Artlink Central will undertake a scheme record update at no cost to you.

* Artlink Central will cover volunteers travel expenses at 45p per mile or equivalent public transport costs.

* When volunteers move on to new roles, Artlink Central will support them in this as much as we can and will pass on details of their experience with us to new organisations if appropriate.

* Volunteers will be covered by our insurance policy and Health and Safety policy.